Mad Marty's 2001-2002 Base Training

04 February 2002

Backing off a bit on the running but not much of a reduction overall. This is what you get for people who don't do well with extended tapers. 3 day rest with a general slightly reduced layoff is about as far as I can take it.

MondayAM - off
Lunch- off
PM - 4800 swim (SC)
TuesdayAM - weights
lunch - off
PM - 6m jog with strides
    WednesdayAM - off
    lunch - off
    PM - 30 mile ride with 10 x 1 minute repeats out and tempo coming back
    ThursdayAM - 3200 swim (LC)
      lunch - off
      PM - 6m jog with strides
    FridayAM - off
    lunch - weights
    PM - off
    SaturdayAM - 10 mile trail run at a decent clip
    lunch - off
    PM - ride - 8m warm up, 6 1-3 minute climbs, 7m warm down
    SundayAM - 50m ride, 10 minute transition run
    lunch - off
    PM - Working for the MAN on SUNDAY YO.

    Total: Who cares.

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