Mad Marty's 2001-2002 Base Training

10 December 2001

The half marathon really drained me pretty badly. It was my longest run since September, and I felt it. Took the early part of this week as a few recovery days. Will start doing planned long runs this weekend in prep for the next two 1/2s and the full in February. More swimming than usual this weekdue to no access to a weight room.

MondayAM - PM = day off
TuesdayAM - off
lunch - 5m run Z1
PM - off
WednesdayAM - off
lunch - off
PM - 3500 swim (Z1)
ThursdayAM - off
lunch - 9m run with 8 x 1 min pickups (Z1-Z3-Z1)
PM - 15m spin
FridayAM - 3200 swim
lunch - 45min jog (Z1)
PM - off
SaturdayAM - 2.5 hr spin (Z1)
lunch - off
PM - 15mile run with 45min parking garage running in middle (Z1-Z2-Z1)
SundayAM - 3.5 hr spin (Z1)
lunch - lunch!
PM - household chores, blah...

Total: Weights 0, Run 4.25 hr, Bike 8 hr, Swim 2 hr = 14.25 hrs

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