Mad Marty's 2001-2002 Base Training

31 December 2001

Holiday week through training off. One screwed up week won't hurt, especially in the off-season, and especially when the only goal at this point is to run long, and run fast. Wait, that's two goals...I also need to consider that I haven't been doing any real periodization at this point and need a recovery week.

It's easy to overtrain and hard to take time off. Sometimes, depending on what you're training for, you need to step back and evaluate everything. Since my only real goal at this point is to run a fast marathon in February, my run training is the priority. (Weight room was closed for most of December...). And you also need to listen to your body. Today is Friday and I was planning to go for a 2 hr spin, but face it, I'm wiped out. So I go 5 days without riding. Oh Jeez, the world's gonna end.

Take the down time and you'll return stronger.

Monday AM - recover
Lunch- recovery day
PM - New Year's Eve
Tuesday AM - off
lunch - 43 min recovery run
PM - drive 9hrs home
Wednesday AM - off
lunch - off
PM - 5000 yd swim
ThursdayAM - off
lunch - off
PM - 2hr 10min run with 40min of hills, mostly tempo, felt pretty good
FridayAM - off
lunch - off
PM - take the damn day off
SaturdayAM - 4000 swim / 1hr spin
lunch - off
PM - 8m run
  • 2m warm up
  • 12 x 400 build by 4, 200 jog between
  • goal is 4 x :85, 4 x :80, 4 x :75-77
  • 2m cool down
SundayAM - sleep
lunch - off
PM - 1.5 hr trainer ride with 4 x 5 minute big gear push, 5 min spin between

Total: Swim 2 hr, Run 4 hr, Bike 2.5 hr, total = 8.5 hr

View this as an inadvertent recovery week.

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