Mad Marty's 2001-2002 Base Training

1 April 2002

please excuse the messy delivery, I am in a hurry. Ok, gearing up for Key Biscayne Coke race and then wildflower. Easy Monday Tuesday then back into harder stuff.

Monday - off
Tues - 3500 swim easy, 5 mile EZ jog
Wed - AM - 4m jog, PM - 30m ride with pickups
Thurs - AM - 3k swim, L - 7m with 5 x 3/4 mile hard easy hard easy hard on 4:05 hard avg
PM - 30min spin
Fri - AM- 4k swim, L- 1hr spin with 6 x 1 min pickups
Sat - 5k road race total 10m run, PM - 2 hr spin
Sun - 80 ride with windermere, 15 min run off bike

Total: getting better!

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