Trippin06 - Annie's version

free your mind: special for Shana

Mar 7 - Tasmania was great! We hired a guide to take us into the bush, where we caught and ate Tasmanians! They all have three arms and legs! They are fuzzy and cute though. Then we hiked up a mountain and jumped off the side where we flew 1,000 meters into the surf and made a perfect swan dive. Australia is great!

Feb 12 - Wow, this weekend we drove up to Newcastle, which has a big castle on a cliff where they have indentured servants making beer! We watched them grind barley for a while but it was boring so we started throwing fish into the beer batches and laughed and laughed. After they chased us out we went to the dragon's lair where there were great golden eggs filled with baby dragons that started hatching! Wow, Australia has some crazy stuff! Then we rode the baby dragons in the triathlon and they breathed fire on anyone who was in front of us, so naturally, we won!

Feb 10 - Today we went to the Sydney Harbor to swim! The Harbor is not only notorious for the number of sharks there but also for the fact that fishing has been banned because of bacteria. Who cares, though, we are adventurers! We dove in and swam for 45 minutes. A shark starting following me so I turned around and beat his nose in! He still wouldn’t go away so I grabbed onto his fin and decided to go for a ride! It was awesome! A bushman dropped a rope from the bridge so I took hold of it and shimmied up. I then pulled Marty up and we all had a good laugh! Then we decided to make a night of it and head into the outback! I killed a koala and we cooked it on the open flame – Yum! Marty got bit by a poisonous snake but he was able to suck the poison out and he only lost his left arm. It turned black so I gnawed it off for him. We had a good night’s rest under the starry sky and headed back to our cozy condo the next morning. I hope that was exciting enough for you!!