Getting Psyched

Ah, Anticipation.

Itís an emotion unlike any other. Our expectation of the future. Our dreams of what tomorrow may bring. Our hard work and vision brought to fullness and reality.

In athletics, anticipation can and should be tied into our daily training sessions. We should anticipate good performance and expect to enjoy ourselves.

But today Iím talking about Anticipation with a capital A. That kind thatís tied into our expectation of performance at a particular race. Usually an important race. A big race. One that really matters.

If youíre well prepared, Anticipation is a wondrous time. Youíll be brimming with confidence and eagerness. You canít wait fast enough. Despite months, and perhaps years, of training and sacrifice, youíre ready to go, and youíre ready to go now! Today! Much like a surfer whoís watched the track of a Category 4 Hurricane for days, you


You know what Iím talking about?

I had my bike tuned up yesterday. Itís sparkling clean, pedaling and shifting as smooth as silk on a satin mattress. Itís calling to me right now, begging me to take it out of the garage and just ride, just ride nice and easy through the nearby hills.

Not yet, beautiful, I say.

My arms and legs have an itch. Theyíre light as feathers and get lighter every day. They tell me theyíre ready to run with the Kenyans - nice and easy through oceans of grass under the bright African sun.

Remember that feeling, I tell them.


I can feel the vibe, the juice, the flow, the spirit, the music, the yin and the yang, the zen and the Zinn, the cosmic quantum fundamentals that lie just below the surface of everything we touch, and theyíre whispering, pointing, theyíre shouting at me!:


The big race is right around the corner.

And I Just Canít Wait.

Marty Gaal - September 2003

*Marty placed 3rd overall at the USAT Age Group Nationals 2 days after he wrote this.