Poetry in Motion...

my new poem is entitled: Damn Dog, Get Out of the Damn Way

The mutt looked something like this.

Damn Dog, I say,
Get out of the damn way!
Your head is like a big confused chicken
and your body is a roadblock
in the path of my bike and my life!
You stupid mutt!
Mother f*cker!!

Damn dog, I say,
you've nearly ruined my damn day!
Your eyes are like big wild rollercoasters,
and your body is a big panting hunk
of big dumb mother f*cking dog connected to my wheel!
I fall!
Oh dear!

Pain returns like an old friend,
showing up with a knapsack and a grin on my doorstep.
My skin, my hip, my big rosy red ass!
You damn dog! Look at you!
Is that the first time you've actually caught the bike?!?
Is this your house?
I will come back later and give you poison treats.
Eat them well and die you stupid, worthless, vicious mutt.

Damn dog, I say,
is this your damn owner?
Stupid is as stupid does, she says,
my daughter left the gate open,
I didn't see you coming,
there was a fire, earthquakes,
we are so sorry,
are you OK?

My bike is worth more than her car.
I pedal away from a drunken father,
a dirty child,
- a damn, stupid dog -
and a helpless mother.
and live to fight another day,

while their struggle never ends.

Marty Gaal - March 12 2002
based on a true story...

Thus would my skull have been...