Coca Cola 2000 Series Championship

ah, Dan Domingo wrecked me. My mediocre training showed, as I couldn't stay with him on the bike and I believe the run was my 2nd slowest all year. Ultimately it doesn't really matter because I did win the series, but it is always more fun to go out there and make a good race out of it. Just more motivation for next year.

Me and DD came out of the water together with a kid from GA named Will. He stayed with us without a wetsuit (we had them on), so you know he is an excellent swimmer. Me and DD sprinted through the transition, and then the pain began. Dan put it in gear, and I really was hard pressed to stay in touch with him. My legs were feeling unresponsive and could not hold the pace, it was like I felt weak, basically. Anyway, he shelled me after the turnaround, and I limped back to the transition on my own. My bike split was still fast, don't get me wrong, but it is humbling to get trounced by one of the best triathletes in the area.

So I have a mediocre transition, then get into the run, and I feel okay, not bad but not good. just okay, and I start running. I thought I was moving along ok, but the split said otherwise -got me at about 6:15 pace, which sucks. I split 6:09s last week at the NATS race, and that was twice as long. As they say though, shit happens. I haven't been doing speedwork, I've been going out and staying up late, and this race was more of a chore than a pleasure, but the payoff is here and now I can take a break.

Stop crying, Marty. You still got 2nd place, and beat Otto Bell, who is definitely a very competitive athlete. So shut up and focus on next year. Yeah, that's what I'll do, I'll focus on next year. Hopefully next year if DD beats me, he will have to work really, really hard to do it. I still have not beat him at any distance. I know he is a training freak, I am coming for you next year Dan!!

In all seriousness, congratulations to Dan for winning the race. Also congratulations to Otto for coming over and doing the finale and taking 3rd in the series points. Dave Picc, where the hell were you? We will have some duels again next year, I am sure. Good job goes out to the ladies as well, Linda, Ashley, and Heather for taking home some nice hardware.

So that's it. I am done for the year. Don't ask me what my next race is, because right now the only place I will race anybody to is to the barstool. I usually win. Seeya!

Let's go back to the beach