What is a winner?

A winner is a loser in hiding.

A winner is someone too stubborn or too unhappy with second place to give up.

A winner is usually the person who has worked longer, harder, and more intelligently than everyone else combined.

Or is very lucky.

Potential winners are born every minute - but then they learn that 1000 failures are easier than 1 victory...

While achieved winners have seen the contest happen 1000 times in their mind before they ever show up at the starting line.

A winner will shake your hand, tell you good luck, and then do his best to beat your pants off. And then shake your hand again afterwards.

A winner will claw his way through landslides of defeat and over mountains of adversity, facing extreme challenges and personal hardships, then ask the wise man at the end of the journey what the big deal was.

A winner will tell you what it takes to win: "Look in the mirror and stop losing."

A winner has realized that fear is a tool the weak use to justify their failures.

A winner will look you in the eye and say exactly what he means.

If you ever beat a winner...

That makes you a winner as well.

There's a winner in everyone. You just have to find your talent, then show the world how good you really are.

Marty Gaal - October 2002