Mad Marty's Training


Week 2.4 - March 05

Howdy. This week is a recovery week. Monday I had to get my long riding in because I missed out on the previous Sunday due to crap weather. As of Friday 3/9 I am still kind of dragging around. I've been getting sleep and eating well but just fatigued. Hope to hit a bit of a peak for the dannon Duathlon on Sunday morning. It will be tough and fun, being a swimmer by nature.

Monday AM - 3:45 hr ride in the wind
lunch - work
PM - 1 hr ride in the wind
Tuesday AM - weights
lunch - 2200 swim
PM - 40min easy run, strides and drills
Wednesday AM - off
lunch - 1.5 mile jog to pool, 2000 swim, 1.5 jog back
PM - 30 mile mostly easy ride
Thursday AM - off
lunch - weights
PM - 40 min easy run
Friday AM - off
lunch - 30 minute easy run
PM - off
Saturday AM - 1.5 hour easy ride
PM - 3m jog
Sunday AM - 5k 30k 5k duathlon
lunch - charity bike ride
PM - sleep

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