Mad Marty's Training

Week 2.12 - April 29

Very easy this week. Dropped the volume and did back to back sprints on the weekend. Nothing really to note, but here's what I did:

Totals: 90 ride, 29 run, ~9,000 swim

The plan is to let the body recoop for a few days in the middle of the week, then blast out some hard racing on the weekend, then go a few long days next week, then back off a bit and hope the body responds to the rest for IM Cali. We'll see what happens.

Monday AM - off
Lunch- off
PM - 3500 easy swim
TuesdayAM - 4m easy jog
lunch - off
PM - 25m easy ride
WednesdayAM - off
lunch - off
PM - 5m run, 8 x 200 pickups / 2000 yd swim
ThursdayAM -
lunch - 4m run
PM - 30m semi-easy ride
FridayAM - off
lunch - off
PM - 2000 swim, 1.5m run, 600 swim
SaturdayAM - Fantasy of Flight Tri, 1st Overall in 56:14
  • approx 1/4 in 5:30
  • ~12 semi hilly in 32:50 with both transitions
  • ~3m run in 18:10
  • 2m cool down, I worked hard on this but not all out in anything.

lunch - off
PM - drive to Augusta Georgia
SundayAM - Augusta Coca Cola Sprint, 1st overall in 1:04.47
  • ~1/2 mile in 12:59 with wetsuit (lake swim)
  • ~14 mile bike with many rollers in 33:35 with both transitions
  • ~5k run with a couple rollers in 18:11
  • 1.5m cool down run, 5m cool down bike
  • I worked very hard on the swim and bike. Almost all out, but not quite, on the run as I had a solid lead.

lunch - coffee
PM - drive home from Augusta

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