Coca Cola Ft. Desoto the Dr. Jeckyll Version - July 2003

So in this little blurb I will go over the race from a positive point of view and tell you all why getting 4th in this well attended race is still a good thing in the grand scheme of things.

My pre-race goals were to:

So, things went pretty well. I got into the swim and felt very strong, which is a good indicator that my swim training is going as planned. A quick transition saw me out onto the bike, and I put it into a quad-busting, LT threshhold ride, from the get-go. Michael Smedley was with me and passed me at about mile 4. I re-passed him at about mile 8. It's nice to know I can swim and ride with the ITU specialists.

I ran with all my guts from the beginning to the end.

I beat my time on the same course from a few months ago by 1 minute.

I gave it all I had.

John and Bill didn't beat me by 1-2 minutes; they beat me by 10-20 seconds.

So, those are my reasons for thinking I actually had a good race, despite getting beat by the same old people.

Marty Gaal - July 2003

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