Coca Cola Ft. Desoto the Mr. Hyde Version - July 2003

So in this little blurb I will go over the race from a negative point of view and tell you all why getting 4th in this well attended race just plain sucks big doggie doo.

I hate losing. But worse, I hate getting beat when my weaknesses are exploited. I can swim. I can bike. But I have a tough time running well after a hard bike. It is surely a combination of training and talent, but you would think that after a few years of the same old shit I'd have it together, right?

Wrong. Despite my mental toughness and increased physical ability in the run, these freaking guys continue to run me down like I'm some f*cking rookie from Timbuktoo. I hate it. Getting passed sucks. It sucks big time. It sucks much worse when the finish line is no less than 2 minutes away and you have already spent all your juice on holding the f*ckers off till that point. Damn it.

Oh man, try kicking at 800 yards when your gut is full of acid but it's the only chance you've got. There's nothing there!

So I've dropped my 5k time. I'm running much better than last year. From an individual performance perspective, I am doing great. But that's not enough for me - Mr. Ego - that dark side of all of us. I want to win. I want to win big. I want my competition to cry when they go home because I am so huge. Smell my greatness, Weaklings!

Well, we'll see. Competition provides only a few options: Win or lose. Quit or continue. Pack your shit, go home, and take up a new hobby, or stick it out and see if you can make the grade.

Either way, I'll be there.

Marty Gaal - July 2003

Oh yeah. PS - For everyone who wonders how I can lose a 'big' lead like that. Let me put it into perspective. Go out and swim 600 yards at 1:01 per 100/yd pace. Then jump on the bike and ride 12 miles at an average pace of 27 MPH. Then run, at the slowest, 3:35/K for 5 kilometers. Otherwise - you will be caught.

Right. I thought so. If you can beat that - maybe it's time for you to go pro.

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